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What age do kids need to see a dentist?

Welcome to Reyes Dental – Your Partner in Your Child’s Dental Journey in Plano, TX

At Reyes Dental in Plano, TX, we understand the significance of early dental care for children. Our expert team, including pediatric dental specialists, is committed to guiding parents through the important stages of their child’s oral health journey.

When Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children should visit a dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth appears, whichever comes first. This early visit plays a crucial role in preventing dental problems and establishing a dental home for your child.

The Importance of Early Dental Visits

  1. Early Problem Detection: Early visits help in identifying and addressing potential dental issues before they become serious.
  2. Building a Foundation for Oral Health: Introducing your child to dental care at a young age sets the stage for healthy oral habits throughout their life.
  3. Parental Guidance and Education: These visits are not just for your child; they’re an opportunity for you to learn about proper oral hygiene practices, dietary choices, and other aspects of oral care specific to your child’s needs.

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit at Reyes Dental

  1. A Warm and Friendly Environment: We ensure that your child’s first dental visit is comfortable and stress-free. Our office is designed to be child-friendly, making the dental experience fun and engaging.
  2. Gentle Examination: Our pediatric dentists perform a gentle examination of your child’s teeth, gums, jaw, and bite to assess their oral health and development.
  3. Customized Dental Care Plan: Based on the examination, we create a personalized dental care plan tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Regular Dental Visits: The Path to Lifelong Dental Health

After the first visit, regular checkups are vital. These should typically occur every six months, though we may recommend a different schedule based on your child’s individual needs. Regular visits allow us to monitor your child’s dental development and catch any issues early.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Services at Reyes Dental

Reyes Dental offers a full range of pediatric dental services, including routine checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and education on proper brushing and flossing techniques. We also provide specialized care for any dental issues that may arise as your child grows.

Make Reyes Dental Your Child’s Dental Home

Let Reyes Dental in Plano, TX be the starting point of your child’s journey to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Schedule your child’s first dental appointment today by calling us at (972) 235-8900. Our friendly team is ready to welcome you and provide the best dental care for your child.

Your Child’s Smile Is Our Priority

At Reyes Dental, we are dedicated to providing a positive, nurturing, and educational dental experience for your child. Join our family and let us take care of your child’s dental health every step of the way.


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